Beneficial Barrier Seeds

With added Mycorrhizal Innoculant

By growing plants in a garden that attract and feed pollinators and predator bugs, the organic gardener is encouraging a natural balance to be maintained while also enjoying the benefits of an everchanging variety of flowers and herbs.

Insects such as Green Lacewings, Ladybugs, Praying Mantis and Predatory Wasps are all attracted to the nectar sources as well as the pests that you are looking to control, like Aphids, Caterpillars, Spider mites, Stink bugs, Scale insects and more without having to resort to using toxic chemicals.

Beneficial Barrier Seeds is a proactive method to reducing pest outbreaks, bringing vibrant biodiversity to your IPM regime. The blend of species covers all 4 seasons in full sun or part shade, and most varieties listed are self sowing so you can enjoy many more seasons of  the benefits.

Sowing Instructions

- Gently water the intended sowing area  

- Take a handful of moist not wet soil into a bucket for roughly each square meter of garden bed.

- Add the Beneficial Barrier Seeds and mix thoroughly into the soil.

- Like you are feeding the chickens, scatter the soil over the intended area and gently water again.

-Water the garden daily in the morning if possible.

-  Each packet covers 10m2 and samples cover 2 to 3 m2


Heritage, Heirloom and Rare blend of:


Babys Breath


Bishops Lace

Brachyome mix


Carrot mix


Common Daisy mix

Crimson Clover




Flanders Poppy

German Chamomile

Italian Oregano

Kale mix

Lemon Mint

Livingstone Daisy mix

Mixed Poppies

Purple Top White Globe Turnip

Red Clover